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Beauticontrol Spa Facial

Created by a company passionate about providing serious skin care solutions, only BeautiControl offers comprehensive, customized skin care that addresses what your skin needs…when it needs it.

Science meets Spa with BeautiControl's new highly scientific skin care collection. Our most technologically-advanced ingredients will give you smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin than ever before.

  • Your personalized skin care regimen, in 5 easy steps.
  • Rapid, visible results
  • Free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, artificial dyes and fragrances
  • Dermatologist, sensitivity and allergy tested, and never tested on animals.


Scruples hair products have been dominating in the hair care industry for over 20 years now. They are meant to meet the need of every fashioner. Owing to the qualities of Scruples hair products, users develop certain level of self-confidence in them by using these products. There are four essential ingredients which every scruples line of hair care product contained. These four essential ingredients are silicone conditioners, Ultraviolet absorbers, mucopolysaccharides and hydrolyzed cationic proteins. The features of scruples products are predicated on these essential elements. For example the products are able to protect their users from the UV rays from the sun thanks to the UV absorbers that they contain.

There are different types of scruples hair products available in the market. Scruples has conditioners that make the hair to shine amazingly. They moisturize the hair and are made with UV inhibitors. Example of scruples conditioners are

  • scruples conditioner with blazing color extending: the sizes of these scruples hair products are 33.8 oz
  • Scruples hydrating conditioner with original O2: this product is meant for those who will like their hair to acquire deep hair botanical moisturizing. It also makes your hair to be soft and dry and shiny.

Paul Mitchell

Starting with only three products, Paul mitchell has become one of the most revolutionary professional hair care lines in the world. Now with over 100 products in over 80 countries, Paul Mitchell has set a standard for modern day hair care.

Super Skinny Serum helps condition and smooth your hair while fighting frizz and adding shine. This light weight serum penetrates your hair to displace water and constrict hair to speed up drying and styling time.

Extra Body Sculpting Foam Emollient conditioners leave hair shiny and more manageable while allowing hair to have a weightless effect. Perfect for fine hair, sculpting foam will add volume and body while locking in moisture and adding shine.

Awapuhi Moisture Mist Not just for hair, awapuhi moisture mist is great for dry skin as well as dry hair. This product leaves hair feeling soft and silky while balacing the moisture and adding shine. Whether you are wanting softer skin or reactivating products already in your hair for a quick touch up, this spray is full of amino acids and vitamans perfect for dry hair.

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